L’Osservatore Romano Photographic Service is a team of people (photographers, archivists, technicians, counter clerks, information technologists…) at the service of the image of the Holy Father, from the shot to the archive.  

The Photographers are daily committed to documenting the activity of the Holy Father and that of the most important authorities of the Holy See.

The archivists see to the classification of the immense patrimony of images.

The counter clerks care about the research and sale of the photographs, trying to satisfy the customers’ requests.

The laboratory ensures the high quality photochemical print of all the photos.

The persons in charge of e-mails provide the installation and maintenance of all the computers present in the office. They also maintain contact with the all the customers and agencies throughout the world, trying to satisfy their numerous requests

Phone: +39/06.6988.4797 Fax: +39/06.6988.4998